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Groups at Risk


Bullies tend to target certain groups to go after, and I wanted to take a closer look at what groups are more prone to being bullied. I found an article that talked about the life of gays and lesbians and how bullying has affected their lives.

So many homosexuals are the target of bullying. Sexual orientation is a huge factor when it comes to bullying. “According to recent gay bullying statistics, gays and lesbian teens are two to three times more likely to commit teen suicide than other youths. About 30 percent of all completed suicides have been related to sexual identity crisis. Students who also fall into the gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered identity groups report being 5 times as more likely to miss school because they feel unsafe after being bullied due to their sexual orientation. About 28 percent out of those groups feel forced to drop out all together.”

These statistics were very alarming to me because I thought schools were cracking down a lot harder with preventing bullying. The fact that lives are being taken away so early due to this issue is upsetting. Students shouldn’t feel unsafe in school. School should be the safest place for anyone to go to, and unfortunately that isn’t the case.

“In fact, about 9 out of 10 LGBT teens have reported being bullied at school within the past year because of their sexual orientation, according to the most recent gay bullying statistics. Out of those numbers, almost half have reported being physically harassed followed by another quarter who reported actually being physically assaulted. Unfortunately most teens who experience bullying of any kind are reluctant to share their experience or report the incident to a teacher or trusted adult. Even more unfortunate are the gay statistics that report a lack of response among those teachers and school administration. According to a recent statistic, out of the students that did report a harassment or bullying situation because of their sexuality, about one third of the school staff didn’t do anything to resolve the issue.”

If there is anything that I can take from this article, I would hope to be the teacher that does something about this issue if it is brought to my attention. The fact that so many teachers turn their heads when it comes to issues like this is so mind-boggling to me. I wonder how many lives could have been saved if someone just could have taken innitiative to help the person being bullied, or at just say something to someone else if they feel uncomfortable taking the issue at matter into their own hands.

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A Walk Through A Slide

I chose this image because it really spoke to me. My image was a snapshot of a YouTube video that a girl had posted. The snapshot doesn’t do any justice of the video, but watching the video really hit home. The video was about a girl who had a very rough time during her school days. She was constantly harassed by a bunch of girls and the video actually follows her around and shows viewers what a normal day of school for her is like. It broke my heart to see this girl go through so much pain and put herself out there like that on YouTube. I just wanted to hug her when I was finished watching her video.

This image complimented my narrative because I chose to talk about how YouTube is a way to help victims get their stories out there. When I typed in girl bullying on YouTube, I was amazed to see how many videos popped up. There are so many people that are victims of bullying, and I was shocked to see how many people put their stories up on YouTube. While it broke my heart to watch them, it also opened my eyes that this is going on and it is a huge problem.

I chose to quote Michael Wesch saying, “You Tube is our new way of expression and anyone with a webcam now has a stronger voice and presence.” I chose to use this quote with this image because I feel that YouTube is absolutely a way for people to get their stories heard, and they need to be heard. I think a lot of bullying incidents do go unnoticed, and YouTube is a place where a lot of people can turn to. It’s a new form of therapy. If it wasn’t for YouTube, these people would never be able to get their stories out in the world. I think it is important that they do because, as a viewer, it makes us aware and want to do something about it.

I never really thought of YouTube as a way to cope. I always thought of YouTube as a place to watch ridiculous or funny videos. I never really saw the depth behind it until I watched these videos on bullying. I now understand how much of an effect YouTube can have on the world.

What I Learned about my Blog Topic

            I actually haven’t studied too much on my topic in the past. I always knew bullying was a serious problem, but I didn’t know how huge of a problem it actually was and how many lives it has taken. I learned some very shocking information that blew my mind from my web articles. For instance, in my article Gay Bullying Statistics, it stated, “Gay and lesbian teens are two to three times as more likely to commit teen suicide than other youths.” I couldn’t wrap my head around this article. It really hit home for me because I am friends with quite a few gays and lesbians, and it tears me apart that they have to go through such struggles in their life just because of their preference. Reading some of these articles was definitely eye-opening and made me see life in a different way.

            I learned a lot from the Web 2.0 as well. I found it hard to connect bullying with them, since we really didn’t have any readings or videos specifically talking about bullying, but I found ways to sort of connect the two. I found An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube to be one of the most interesting readings of the semester, and I thought that way a great video to connect with bullying. It talked a lot about how YouTube has had such an impact on people. It is a way for people to cope with the hard times. It is a way for us to connect as a community. It is a new way for us to express ourselves and to have a voice in this world. It really allowed me to see YouTube in a different light and not just a place where you can post a bunch of ridiculous videos. We can learn a lot as viewers on YouTube. It is place where people can share their stories and their lives by simply talking through a web cam.


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Put a stop to bullying

I was just scrolling down my news feed page on Facebook when something had caught my eye. One of my friends had posted an article with a picture of a little boy with the caption, “Tragedy as bullied 12-year-old boy dies weeks after he was attacked by two classmates.” My friend’s post followed saying, “I hope those kids are seriouslly held accountable for their actions. It breaks my heart.”

I clicked on the link that she shared and read the article for myself. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A twelve year old passed away this Sunday because he was vicously beaten and bullied. The victim had been so abused that it had thrown him into seizures and he was rushed to the hospital. He was kept in the hospital for weeks in an induced coma, but unfortunatley, he did not make it.

I was disgusted after reading this article. The fact that this occurred during school hours at recess made me question a lot of things. This makes me nervous as I am getting closer and closer to becoming a teacher. I don’t know how it has gotten so bad in recent years, but this does not give me a warm and cozy feeling that there are kids out there like this, and they could potentially be in my classroom one day.

I don’t know how we can get ahold of this issue and end it for good, but as a hopeful future educator, I hope we can find a way. There are too many incidents that end badly like this one, and it shouldn’t be getting to this point. A twelve year old innocent boy should not be losing his life because of cruelty.

Schools, teachers, parents, and the community as a whole needs to take more action. If you would like to read the article, I have attached the link to this blog post.


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Stomp out Bullying!

Well, Since my Writing Arts class is coming to an end, and that’s what this blog was used for, I figured a good ending blog post would be ways to help prevent bullying! I found this great website, stomp out bullying, which is a national anti-bullying and cyber bullying campaign for kids and teens. 

This is such a great way to try and prevent bullying. It tells you all about it, it has a blog, supporters and most importantly, ways to get involved! 



 They also have wristbands for sale on the website and other products you can purchase. I think that is a great idea. In my future school, I want to have some sort of campaign like that, or become a part of that one. When your a teacher, it is SO important to take a stand against bullying, and to help if you see someone getting bullying. So many teachers these days just brush it off like it’s nothing, but OBVIOUSLY its a problem when young kids KILL themselves from being bullied at school. 

There is so many ways to volunteer, and stand up to bullying, and that could just be saying something when you see it happening. So many lives could be saved each year, but it’s going to take us to step up and help STOMP OUT THE BULLIES! 

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#Tfws13 twitta twitta


So we have been using Twitter for my Writing Arts class. We created the hashtag #tfws13. I had a twitter for about 9 months before we had to use it for my class. I really enjoy it and use it daily. I tweet several times a day, about anything I feel like. Something I hear or see, a thought, a feeling, a quote, song lyrics, anything! So I already knew the ins and outs of twitter. 

I really enjoyed using it for class. It made communication with our professor and group members a lot easier, instead of awkwardly asking for numbers. I liked that we created the hash tag, so it made it easier for us to know it was for our class. If I needed to ask my professor something, I simply pulled my phone out and sent him a quick tweet in which he always quickly responded. 

When I first started using Twitter, it did take me a while to get used to tweeting. I would go weeks without one tweet. Then I just started using the app more on my phone, and I really liked it. 

I’m glad we used it for class. It was a unique quirky way for communication and for the others who hadn’t previously had one, gave them the chance to get one and explore it. 

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Pecha Kucha Reflection

A Walk Through A Slide:

The slide I chose to reflect on was decrease in academics slide for one of the effects of bullying.


Narrative for the slide: Decrease in academics- This can be anything from failing tests, not doing homework, to skipping school and dropping out. In Are Games Better than Real Life, I wonder if there is a connection between victims of bullying wanting to sit home all day and play video games to “get away”.

I chose this picture because I felt it was a clear representation of grades dropping due to bullying. Usually by this point, the victim is just about depressed and starting to loose interest in things, especially going to school. They lose focus on their work because they are constantly worried about being bullied.

I chose to cite, Are Games Better than Real Life, because I think at this point in bullying people chose to just no go out anymore with friends and just sit home and possibly play video games. Video games take their mind off of bullying, just for a little while. They get so wrapped up in the game, and I think video games could be a victim’s “get away”.  In this case, I agree with the article and that video games are better than their lives at that moment.

I chose to reflect on this slide because it’s right in the middle of being bullied. Decrease in Academics starts to occur after you been teased, and after you get upset about it, but before you have suicidal thoughts.  This step kinda happens right before all the dramatic happenings that could occur, but this should be a giant warning sign to parents if your children are not wanting to go to school, especially multiple different times.

If I could redo this slide, I’m not sure how I would have done it, but possibly making them at school one day, then not there the next day. Not to represent death, but to represent them skipping the day because they are frightened, nervous, and sad about going to school.


What I Learned About My Blog Topic: 


I knew a little about bullying previously just from common knowledge. I myself have never been bullied though, so I didn’t know all of the ins and outs of bullying. It was fun for me to do this topic since I am a Writing Arts/Elementary Education major. It’s something I should be aware of especially when I want to be a teacher in the future, and already am a teacher assistant.

You hear stories on the news about how young students killed themselves due to bullying or cyber bullying, and usually you just think “That’s a shame” or, “That’s horrible” then move on. It was interesting to go into depth about the signs, awareness, situations, effects and more. I actually went on to YouTube and typed in something like “bullying videos” and found thousands and thousands of results. I watched quite a few videos how young girls AND guys were telling their bullying story. For some, that was the last time they were “seen”, for others, they were telling how that WAS their story and now it has ended and they are happy again. It amazed me how many different people from all over the world had similar bullying stories.

My hope for me is now I that I am educated more on the topic of bullying, I can be aware of the signs in my classroom. Also, I want to make bullying awareness, and if it’s not already a event at my future employed school, I want to make it one. Bullying Awareness Week, or something like that.

The Web 2.0 Readings’s were a little difficult to relate to bullying at first, but then after I read them over a few times, I have found a few that are relate-able. My favorites were the Harris, J. (2006). We Feel Fine. interactive website, Roy, D. (2011, March). The birth of a wordTED., and Highland, M. (2006). As real as your life. Presented in D. Perry Are games better than real life? TED [start watching at 10:00 for Highland’s movie, though I recommend the whole video].

In some way, I could relate them all to bullying in my narrative. It was fun to see how they relate, then also it was fun to find my own bullying articles on the web and blog about them.

Overall, the blog and Pecha Kucha have been an entertaining yet learning experience. I’m glad we got to chose our topics, because I think that made a big difference, but I still discovered a lot that I previously was ignorant to.


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Education and Twitter

Twitter Reflection:


This was my first time on Twitter and I am very confused still on how to use it fully as it is intended.  As a future teacher after a little help from my group members I figured out that I could “follow” educational people or accounts on Twitter.  I chose to follow “Education Week”.  It is an account in which they post all of the new information and ongoing news concerning Education.  It is very interesting; they post helpful tips for other teachers, lots of blogs dealing with Education, for instance: “This week’s top education blogs” and Educational news happening all over the United States.  They also retweet other educational tweets from their many education based followers.  When I went through their followers I found they were all, teachers, future teachers, universities, or other educational accounts.  This was great and I also went through and followed a few more educationally Twitters.

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A Walk Through My Slide:

bullying pic 1

For this slide it visually shows the type of bullying that I did my section of the project on which was physical bullying.  Physical bullying is in any way causing physical harm to another person.  This is the way boys tend to bully the most.  They resort to physical violence with things such as hitting, punching, pushing, and fighting whereas girls are more of a verbal bully. Physical violence is becoming more sever and almost every day as you watch the news you learn of another incident where I child is now in the hospital.  For instance, Bailey an 11 year old boy who has been in a coma for over the past month due to bullying.  While he was on the playground at school two other boys jumped him and broke his nose. This is why schools are pushing bullying prevention and Anti-bullying week, which, I think, is a great idea.  We need to educate them while they are young to help stop and prevent bullying.

What I learned about my blog topic:

As an aspiring teacher, bullying is a very important topic to me.  With becoming a part of the BullyBeatDown blog I became more aware of bullying incidents going on the news and what things are being done to prevent it.  One of my blog posts is about how Sen. Casey and Cartoon Network joined together and go around to middle schools and talk about bullying prevention.  Also Sen. Casey has drafted a bill in which schools will are federally funded will be required to teach bullying prevention.  Also I blogged about a new case study that studied the effects bullying has on a person throughout their life.  This was the first study to follow the same person for more than a short limited time.  What they found was amazing but made perfect sense.  Both the bully, and the victims have dramatic effects for the rest of their life. Please read my blog titled Bullying Effects Carried On into Adulthood for the full story and amazing statistics.

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Twitter and Teaching

I started to follow many people and pages on Twitter that post about teaching and anything else regarding education. I noticed that the educators that I followed did not post a lot of their own ideas, but were sharing ideas of others and pages. I thought that the pages they followed were great, posts were made multiple times a day about education and ideas for instructors.


One person that I followed is an educator who follows a lot of other education pages that I follow as well. She follows principles and many other educators from all around the country. This tells me that she wants to learn about what educators in other states are doing in the classroom. Even though her tweets are mostly sharing other people’s tweets regarding education, I enjoy reading them. Her tweets are an outlet to an even bigger community of education that I am not yet apart of. Her tweets allow me to branch out and follow other educators and get ideas to bring in to the classroom.

Teaching Channel is a great resource.

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I recently did a group presentation about bullying, and my topic was cyber bullying. This blog post talks about my decision behind my slide choices and behind blogging.

A Walk Through A Slide


I chose to use a picture of my laptop because of its webcam capabilities. Having a web cam can be dangerous to some thanks to bullying. A few years back a college student committed suicide because his roommate secretly recorded him through a webcam and released the footage online. Bullies are becoming more and more creative with the way they torment other people. Bullying through the use of a web cam is one of those new ways of bullying. It is only going to get worse because technology is allowing us to have video/web cams on our cell phones and iPods. This allows us to upload our videos instantly to the web and our friends. The use of a web cam is a form of cyber bullying that is becoming more popular. I also cited the article “A Rape in Cyberspace” because it is about being virtually humiliated and not having the power to stop it. It reminds me that the internet is a dangerous place, and it is hard to control what goes on after something is put out to the world via internet. This slide builds to the idea that cyber bullying has many parts to it, it is not just what we read, but it is what we see as well. If I could revise this slide I would use a picture of an actual web cam because a laptop could stand for cyber bullying as a whole, does not focus on bullying through a web cam like I intended.

What I Learned about my Blog Topic

The past few weeks with my blog group has taught me a lot about bullying. I learned about the different types of bullying, one of which I did my presentation on. By doing my presentation on cyber bullying, I realized how much more popular cyber bullying is now than it was just a few years ago. This is because of our ever changing technology making it easier and easier for bullies to torment their peers. My blog group also taught me about the many different ways to prevent bullying and the sources to help. One article I read and blogged about, “Campaign Tries to Help Defuse Bullying”, greatly helped me learn about the prevention of bullying for parents and students.  Selfe’s article Literacy and technology linked: The national project to expand technological literacy talks about the expansion of technology literacy and how it can help with education. This relates to bullying because the more people that become technologically literate, the greater the chance of cyber bullying happening. Blogging about bullying allowed me to expand my own thoughts about bullying, while also learning about other people’s thoughts and concerns. It was interesting to find out what my group members learned throughout this time regarding bullying.  Reading their blog posts helped me dig in a little deeper when it came the time to write my own blogs.

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