Bully Beat Down

The Ugly Truth about Bullies

Reflection on Pecha Kucha Assignment & Blog Topic

on February 27, 2013


Cyber bullying is becoming more common in today’s society, especially for the younger generation. The slide I chose to write about is cyber bullying. I decided to draw out my pictures because I thought it would make the Pecha Kucha slide show more interesting. I did a basic drawing of a man sitting on a computer looking frightened. The bald man is nervously typing away and because there were not allowed to be words on the slideshow, I drew symbols on the computer screen. I think the drawing is simple but self-explanatory for any person, any age. I did not want to make the picture too complicated because I thought it was hard to describe cyber bullying through a drawing. It is unlike physical bullying where you can draw someone hurting another person. My narrative states, “ Cyber bullying is becoming more common in society with young people. It is used in electronic forms on social networking sites to harass their victims.” The reference I made was from “Becoming Screen Literate”, because Kelly talks about how screens are everywhere we go. I never really thought about how much I am looking at a screen until I read this article. It is absolutely crazy to think screens are everywhere and with everything we do! I quoted Kelly when he said, “We are becoming people of the screen.” Which is a totally true statement and we are continuing to grow with our technology, which involves screens being everywhere.

This slide blends in with each of my other slides for my part of the presentation and I believe each of my slides builds off of each other. My five slides are the introduction to some types of bullying. I will give a brief description on each type and example. Then each member in the group will go into deep detail of their specific type of bullying or how we can help prevent bullying. The drawing, narrative and reference all flow nicely together and each builds off one another. The drawing of the man with a computer screen in front of him shows the electronic form of cyber bullying, which I state in my narrative. Then the quote by Kelly builds how we are becoming people of the screen. In my cyber bullying slide, maybe I could have made the man look more scared or I could of put some type of picture on the computer screen to show more of cyber bullying. Overall, I am very proud of each of my drawings and narrative. Everything has a nice flow to one another and I was excited to share my part of the bullying presentation.

The last four weeks I was giving a topic to learn and discuss about in a group of Elementary Education students. Our topic was Bullying and although I was aware of bullying, I did not realize the depth of bullying and the victims. In some of my education classes we discussed the topic of bullying and how badly it has gotten, but we never studied it or went into greater detail about the topic. I was glad to have the topic of bullying because I want to be in the education field one day and I can’t imagine how bad bullying will be in a few years. I was very eager to read articles on all types of bullying and to see if there was some sort of solution in this madness. My favorite time to blog was when I was able to pick a bullying topic of my choice. At this time I was able to explore through articles and bullying websites to find out about bullying. I only knew the common stuff about bullying and was not aware of how horrible it has become in todays society.

Whether kids are in school or at home, they can be bullied and most kids do not tell their parents or teachers. Verbal bullying, relational and reactive bullying may go unnoticed by parents or teachers because they are harder to identify. Parents need to continue to be apart of their child’s life and to always ask questions about their day, school and life. Personally, I think teachers need to do the same thing because during the school year, teachers are with their students more than the parents. In the article “Becoming Screen Literate”, Kelly makes a lot of great points on how our society is becoming apart of the screen. He states, “When technology shifts, it bends the culture.” Kelly then says, “Once, long ago, culture revolved around the spoken word. The oral skills of memorization, recitation and rhetoric instilled in societies a reverence for the past, the ambiguous, the ornate and the subjective.” Maybe because our society is growing and becoming so attached to technology, the bullying is more severe. Kids can see videos or images online and may want to mimic what they see.

The “Cyberspace Rape; or How an Evil Clown, a Haitian Trickster Spirit, Two Wizards, and a Cast of Dozens Turned a Database into a Society”, shows how dangerous the internet is and how you may not know the person you are talking too. This really opened my eyes to see how scary the world is and how harmful it can be to someone in real life. A lot of the articles read were not necessarily related to bullying but in there own ways they were. Most of the articles read in Web 2.0 show the increase of technology, video games and how advanced we have become. Each article could somewhat tie to bullying whether it was meant too or not.

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